Plain and Simple, Make Cool Stuff.

How do you answer the age old question of E-commerce and social media marketing… ahem, ok age old in dog years. But seriously, every small business is asking themselves these days, how do I prompt more consumer engagement with my brand? Answer: There is no silver bullet, no magic pill to feed consumers, but there are several brands that are getting it right on several fronts, the first and biggest is the new wave of Content Marketing. These brands that are using these new strategies are simply (as simple as it can get) engaging their customers by just making cool stuff and feeding it through channels where their customers are at, whether that is email, Facebook, blogs or other digital channels. Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, Red Bull has made a reputation of associating their name with all things extreme. Think about it. Whens the last time you heard about something that is totally off the wall, maybe a little crazy, you probably heard Red Bull’s name attached with it. Red Bull Stratos, you know, that guy that fell from the stratosphere in a space suit, yeah Red Bull, how about the Red Bull X-Fighters, where the airplanes fly around racing each other around pylons at breakneck speed, yeah Red Bull. Perhaps you’ve seen some of their feature films like the Art of Flight or Where the Trail Ends, a new films about extreme backcountry mountain biking. In fact Red Bull has pretty much abandoned all forms of traditional marketing in favor of a new content marketing strategy. In fact they created the Red Bull Media House who’s sole job is to produce cool stuff.  Now not all of us have the budget of someone like Red Bull, so let’s look at another. 

 GoPro, yes another action sports oriented company, but hang in there you might learn something from this one. GoPro’s strategy is simple, give you a first person perspective on the coolest rides, the coolest jumps, the coolest places and the perfect lifestyle for you. Check out GoPro’s Facebook page here, to see what I mean. They make cool content that people want to watch. Plain and simple. 

The last one has nothing to do with the action sports industry, that is unless you consider baking to be an extreme sport, is Betty Crocker. Yes Betty Crocker is mastering the art of Content Marketing. a couple years back they wiped the slate clean with their email marketing and brought together a whole new strategy. Make cool stuff that people would enjoy reading and looking at. Betty Crocker has regular features with titles such as “Top 5 One Pot Slow Cooker Dinners” they have regular free product samples offered exclusively through their emails, as well as quick polls and an Ask Betty section. Good, exclusive, original content. 

The thing that all these companies have on common is their commitment to creating content. Plain and simple, you need to focus on making cool stuff that people want to watch. They’ll engage, they’ll convert, they’ll share.